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Ready to close on your new home? Don’t let a slow or inexperienced closing company prolong the deal. If you want a trusted partner that organizes and tracks the transfer of your documents and money, disburses the funds properly, and takes care of every detail quickly and efficiently, ATG Title is here for you.

With ATG, you can focus on the excitement of your new home while we handle the little details and paper work. You aren’t just a file number in a computer system, with us you’re a person and will be treated like one. But it’s more than just that.

Closing services clients receive:

  • One-time title insurance premium to cover you throughout the ownership of your home
  • Basic or enhanced title insurance packages to meet your needs
  • Secure, digital access to your file to track the progress of your transaction
  • A real person with experience who can answer your questions without confusing legal terms
  • And more!

Let us handle the stress of the legal work and clearing any possible issues so you can focus on your life. We’re the stress-free real estate closing company that treats you like a person and that is why real estate agents and homeowners like you trust ATG for their closing services in DC, MD, and VA. Call us at 703.934.2100 or use the form and we’ll get your deal closed quickly and hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Closings

Between clearing title and tons of paper work and legal jargon, the closing process can be more stressful than finding a home and having your offer accepted. But don’t worry, below you’ll find questions and answers to help you know what is going on and understand everything from choosing a provider to the transfer of ownership.

What Does a Closing Agent Do?

The job of the closing agent is to make sure all necessary documents are signed and verified and that the money of the sale or refinance of the property is properly disbursed. This includes making sure both parties have met obligations, the title is cleared to transfer ownership, and that all documents are signed.

Do I Have to Attend in Person?

Yes, you will be in attendance, and most likely a representative of your lender, your realtor, and the Settlement Agent who is a representative of the title insurance company. You will be required to answer questions and sign documents which is why it is important to talk to your Agent about what to bring so you can be prepared and have a quick closing.

Can I Choose the Closing Services Company?

Yes, if you have one you like or that you trust, you are able to say this is the one I want. This way you do not have to travel as far or further disrupt your life. In some cases, the meeting can take place outside of an office and somewhere closer to you, like a conference room at your work or even a coffee shop.

What Is the Process and What Will The Company Be Doing?

Here is what you can expect the company to do and see during the meeting:

  • Thorough title search and examination
  • Preparation of documents including:
      • Title Commitment
      • Closing Disclosure
      • ALTA Statement
      • Deed
      • Sale Disclosures
      • Title Insurance Policies
    • Any releases/affidavits
  • Coordinate the completion of contract requirements
  • Scheduling the closing
  • Witness the signing of documents
  • Handle the recordation and disbursement of the file
  • Ensure the title to the property is free and clear
  • Let the real estate escrow company know it is safe to clear assets for disbursement

How Quickly Can I Begin the Process?

A normal contract can take up to 45 days, but depending on the type of transaction and contingencies, you could close much sooner. It all depends on what has been completed based on the requirements of the contract and loan.

What Do I Need to Have Ready to Begin?

These items need to be completed prior to closing:

  • A purchase agreement (Sales Contract) must be finalized.
  • The mortgage application is completed and approved.
  • A Home inspection must be approved.
  • An appraisal of your home must be completed.
  • Contract contingencies must be met
  • All invoices must be received and up to date (payoff, HOA, termite)
  • Title Search must be completed, and any clouds must be cleared
  • A final Closing Disclosure must be approved by all parties
  • Funds must be received by the Title Company prior to going to closing
  • Buyer/Seller must sign making the sale complete
  • Before a sale is considered fully completed, documents should be recorded as well

What Documents Are Signed at the Closing?

You will be signing many different documents on the day of your closing. Some of the major documents are listed below:

  • Closing Disclosure and ALTA Statement: These are the final approved closing statements disclosing all costs associated with your closing, including lender’s fees, title company fees, recordation taxes, real estate taxes, and any other invoice(s) required to be paid at closing.
  • Title Company Disclosures: These documents are issued by the Title Company to ensure everything, especially the Closing Disclosure, has been reviewed, verified, and agreed upon.
  • Title Transfer Deed: This document officially transfers the ownership of the home from the previous owners to you.
  • Mortgage Loan Documents: These documents, including the Note and Mortgage, finalize the approval of your loan and give you the necessary financing to purchase it.

What Should I Expect During the Meeting?

You will go over all the documents associated with your loan and closing. The length of time for the appointment will be based on the complexity of the transaction and the availability of funds.

How Long Does it Take?

You should expect the closing to last for about one hour.

What Should I Bring to the Closing Service?

To help ensure you finish during the meeting, please bring the following and ask your agent if there is anything else they can foresee.

  • Certified/Cashier’s Check or Wire – made payable to the title or closing company
  • Identification – government issued photo I.D., such as a driver’s license, passport, etc…In some cases two different forms of identification are required.
  • Your Spouse – if you are legally married your spouse should accompany you along with a form of identification.
  • Additional Paperwork – your agent will be able to answer this requirement on what you would need to bring additionally to closing, such as the results of a home inspection, proof of homeowner’s insurance and other legal documents that may be needed for the transaction.

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