Virginia Title Company Locations

Looking to send earnest money?

Looking for a local and reliable title company in Virginia? We’re ready to help. From the moment you call, an agent will be assigned to your account and learn about your deal so that it can close quickly and hassle-free. If your schedule is swamped or maybe you don’t work close to the property, no worries, your dedicated agent will come to you and work on your schedule.

Your Local Title Office

Look below to find your local office. If you’re short on time, simply call, email or use the form on this page and we’ll get the right agent who can close your deal quickly in contact asap.

Main number: (703) 934-2100


2000 Duke Street, Suite 300
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

What parts of Virginia do you serve?

We have offices to serve you throughout Virginia including the DC and NOVA area, Richmond, Norfolk and Roanoke. We’re proud to be your local Virginia title company and that is why our main office is right here too.

What if you don’t have an office near me?

If you can’t make it into our office, we will come to you. Give us a call at (703) 934-2100 or email and we’ll get you in contact asap with the right agent who can close your deal quickly.

What do I need to bring to a closing appointment in Virginia?

Each state and jurisdiction have different requirements, and you might be able to send some items ahead of your closing. Talk to your settlement agent to find out exactly what you need and when you should submit your paperwork.

Are there any special fees I should know about?

The Commonwealth of Virginia has several taxes and fees when property is bought and sold. There also might be local taxes that vary by city and county. They include:

  • Deed of Transfer Tax of .25-.3%
  • Grantor Tax of .1%
  • Regional Congestion Relief Tax of .15%
  • Virginia Recording Fee of $20
  • Local Recordation Tax (optional) of .083%-.01%

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Get An Instant Quote!