Reliable Commercial Title Services For Your Real Estate Deals

You need a trustworthy commercial title company to be part of your real estate team and ATG is here to help.  All ATG employees are trained to meet your needs, learn your processes and work around your schedule.  That includes everything from closing at your office or chosen location to actually answering the phone when you have a question.  All of our commercial title services are paperless which helps to ensure that closings are done quickly and missing paperwork is a thing of the past so that all deals go hassle-free.

Whether you only want commercial title insurance or need a full range of options from commercial closing agents to escrow services, we’re here to help.  Use the contact form on the right and one of our commercial settlement agents will reach out to set up a free consultation.  If you are ready to close now, call us at 703-934-2100 and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and get your deal ready.  Your time is important and that’s why we’re built to serve you.

Contact us today for all of your commercial title services and discover the difference when a title company works to meet your needs, not the other way around.

Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Title Services

Can You Provide Commercial Title Insurance Policies?

Yes, both lender’s and owner’s policies are available so both parties are protected from title claims.

Do you handle escrow too?

Yes, escrow services are offered including depositing and holding funds, daily reconciliation, and disbursement after closing. Having your escrow held by your commercial title company allows for a quick and convenient closing since everything is handled in one place.

What other services do you offer for commercial title transactions?

There’s more to your deal than just transferring the title and handling funds. Other services include:

  • Professional agents to conduct your closing
  • Title record search and assistance resolving issues
  • Detailed order tracking and project cost information
  • Analysis of title insurance claims and litigation

Where do you provide commercial title services?

ATG Title has locations for your convenience in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. as well as Miami, Florida. Click on the Locations tab above for a full list with directions and a map to find your nearest office. If you can’t make it to us, we can come to you for a convenient and hassle-free closing.

Do you work with investors?

Yes, we work with investors and do consultations on a case-by-case basis for investors involved in purchasing a commercial property.

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