E-Closing & Remote Public Notary Services

Getting your documents notarized online is now legal across the United States, and we are ready to help you with E-Closings and our online public notary services.  If you need to ratify and close your deals, then use the contact form below. Want to learn more about how the process works?  Then scroll down to find out more.  

How Are Online Notary Services Legal?

The Commonwealth of Virginia saw the negative impact of requiring in person meetings which could be held online.  This is especially true for industries like real estate and requiring both parties to be present during closing.  So in 2012 the commonwealth passed a new law enabling title companies that offer closing services, and others, to do remote e-closings using online public notary services.  

Shortly after the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, ALTA and other organizations saw the need to ensure business can continue, so they began petitioning the government to enable online public notaries to close deals across the entire USA, and now title companies like ours can notarize your documents online no matter where you are.

How Do Online Notary Services Work?

When you remove the in person visits to sign and notarize a deal, you need to take extra protections and provide failsafes for both security and record recording.  That is why you must check that the online notary service you use has secure recordings, the ability to verify the identity of each party, and that they follow industry best practices.

Make sure the online notary has:

  • Credentials analysis (each person’s Photo ID can be analyzed by automated software for fake data)
  • Knowledge based authentication
  • Notary review of each person’s ID (comparison of Photo ID to the signer on the call)
  • Video recordings (every closing is recorded and retained securely) 

If they cannot offer these, then you need to find a different service provider.  You may also want to make sure they have a licensed real estate attorney on hand in case there are any legal questions about the transaction if it is a property closing.

How Much Do Online Notary Services Cost?

The price could be anywhere from $50 to $5,000+. Each company charges a different price based on how complex your transaction is.  For example, if you’ll need a licensed attorney that could increase the costs.  Depending on how much back and forth continues between the parties could also impact the cost.

To reduce the cost of the service, settle everything for your deal ahead of time and come prepared to the meeting.  You can also check with the online public notary and ask for a list of exactly what you’ll need. This saves everyone time, and time is literally money with this.  

If you’re looking for an e-closing with a trusted online notary public, we’re ready to help.  Call us at 703 934 2100 or email info@atgtitle.com and we’ll help you ratify, notarize and close all of your deals securely, online, and hassle free.  

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