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You’re busy working with clients, closing deals and helping to make sure buyers and sellers are in sync.  Having a non-responsive or unorganized settlement agent is that last thing you need.  That’s why all of our staff has been trained to meet your needs and make your life easier.

ATG Title’s Settlement Agents come to you and will meet where your client is.  The entire process is performed through a modern paperless system which gives you 24/7 access to the status of your deal, and makes forgetting paperwork or a document a thing of the past since you can access it on any wifi connected device.  If you’re looking for Settlement Agents in DC, MD, VA or FL that work around your schedule and your location, contact us today.

Fill out the quick contact form on the right or call us at 703-934-2100.  Stressful closings are a thing of the past when you have a Settlement Agent that works to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Settlement Agents

What is a Settlement Agent?

This is a third party that manages all of the moving parts that come with closing on a property. They work with both the seller and the buyer, as well as the lenders, insurance companies, title companies, escrow agents and attorneys to make sure the necessary documents are completed, signed and filed correctly. Think of them as a project manager for your real estate transaction.

What Does a Settlement Agent Do?

The job of the settlement agent is to:

  • Make sure the inspections, appraisals and surveys are ordered
  • Help identify and clear up title issues so the deed can be transferred
  • Request payoff information from the seller’s mortgage company
  • Handle funds in escrow and make sure wired funds have arrived
  • Prepare the Closing Disclosure
  • Answer questions and witness signatures at the closing appointment
  • Disburse funds and make sure the previous mortgage is paid and the lien is released
  • File the documents with the county clerk after closing.

What are Settlement Agent Fees?

They are the costs that cover the entire closing process. Reputable agents will give you their rate or a free quote if you provide them with a little information, like the home’s location and purchase price. You can find the fees they’re charging for services in Section C of the Closing Disclosure sent before the settlement date.

Does a Settlement Agent Work for the Buyer or the Seller?

Neither. They’re an independent third party who works with everyone to get the deal closed and the title transferred at closing. However, the agent does provide services to both parties.

What Does a Settlement Agent Do?

Settlement Services for Buyers Settlement Services for Sellers
Make sure lender’s requirements are met and the buyer can get their mortgage approved. Make sure the title is unencumbered and able to be transferred.
Communicate with agents, insurance companies, and other service professionals to keep them on track so closing happens on time. Get mortgage payoff information and make sure it’s paid and the lien is removed.
Assist in preparing and finalizing the closing disclosure in collaboration with the lender. Make sure outstanding taxes and fees are paid.
Arrange the title transfer and checks the deed is recorded for the new owner. Disburse funds after closing and pay the real estate agent commissions.

How Do I Choose the Best Settlement Agent?

Look for someone who has the experience to process all of the paperwork smoothly and handle any problems quickly. Look online for a few questions about paperwork and see if they can answer on the spot.

Good Settlement Agents will also use tools to make each transaction easy and organized, like a paperless system or transaction management software as well as working around your schedule.  Being knowledgeable, flexible and having a process to streamline efficiency like digital systems are what help to determine the best Settlement Agents vs. the not so good ones.

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