Closing Agents in DC, Miami, VA & MD

The closing agent is a critical part of your home buying team, and you need someone who is ready to be a partner every step of the way. From reviewing the property title search to setting the closing appointment, and working behind the scenes to get the paperwork ready for a stress-free transaction, we’re here for you.

Your life and schedule are busy, so we make sure everything is prepared around your needs. From the paperless system which expedites the process and lets you choose the office location nearest you, to the attention to detail around your account and the reliability our closing agents are known for, you’re in good hands.  Also, each of the closing agents at ATG Title will explain everything in regular speak (instead of legal jargon) to help you feel confident in the paperwork you’re signing. These are only a few of the reasons top real estate agents choose ATG Title for their closing services provider.

If you want a fast and seamless closing, contact us at or call us at 703-934-2100 now and we’ll get you set up with a professional closing agent that works around your schedule and your location.  Walk ins are always welcome too!  Click here to find a location near you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Closing Agents

Can I choose my own closing agent?

Yes, you can select your own agent. All you have to do is let your real estate agent or lender know who you’d like to handle the closing, and then he or she can get started right away.  By choosing your own closing agent you can save money by comparing prices and have someone you trust.

What is the job of a closing agent?

They coordinate in ordering surveys, title abstracts, reports, and inspections, as needed, to meet the lender requirements and also prepare the settlement documents.  Closing agents are also responsible for making sure the title is clear so that it can be transferred from the seller to you. They also provide escrow services, receive and disburse funds, and make sure all of the documents are signed. After closing, they’ll verify that the deed is recorded and documents are filed correctly.

How do I choose a settlement agent?

Your settlement agent (synonymously the same as a closing agent) will be an integral part of the closing process, so make sure you choose someone that you’re comfortable with. Here are a few things to think about to help you choose a good closing agent that meets your needs and standards:

  • Communication – Are they available for questions and are you satisfied with their answers? Do they make communication easy with online portals and live status updates?
  • Character – Do they value integrity? Do they have good standing in the real estate community?
  • Reputation – Were they recommended by someone you trust? Do they have good reviews and testimonials from clients?
  • Experience – How many transactions do they process on average? Do they continue their education with ongoing training and classes?
  • Fees – Are they willing to give you an upfront estimate of their fees for your transaction? Do they fully and honestly show you what services are included?
  • Convenience – Are they flexible and willing to come to you for closing? Do they offer paperless transactions to speed up the closing process and eliminate the need to pick a specific office which can be across town?

How will my settlement agent work with me?

Your representative will be working closely with you and your lender compiling documentation and information needed for closing, and you can expect them to send you requests and status updates throughout the closing process. Their job is to work for you (not the other way around) and they will answer all your questions and explain anything you don’t understand.  That is how you can help to sort the good from the bad.

How much does it cost?

Each real estate transaction is different, and your closing costs can vary based on sales price, loan amount and location. You will get a settlement statement at your closing that lists all of the fees. If you’d like an estimate, you can use the form on this page or call us at 703-934-2100 for an instant quote.

Do they have to be licensed?

Yes and No.  Most closing agents must register or be licensed by the jurisdiction where the property is located in order to conduct a closing, although requirements vary by state.

Will they be present at closing?

Yes, they’ll be with you at the closing and will conduct the meeting, show you where to sign, explain documents, and make sure the requirements of the contract are fulfilled.

What do they need from me?

Before closing, you will be given a list of items that are needed to close the deal.

This includes:

  • Your government issued ID
  • Cashier’s checks or wire transfers
  • Your spouse if they will be on title and/or mortgage

You should respond to any requests from your closing agent or your lender as quickly as possible so all documents can be finalized and the deal can be done quickly and seamlessly. Also, do not hesitate to ask questions, because the company you choose cannot do their job unless you have everything you need as well. It’s a two way street.

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