Send Earnest Money

Send Earnest Money

To Send Earnest Money Now, click here.

Please note that the state of Texas does not allow for sending earnest money, please call us at (703) 934-2100 for instructions.

Sending Earnest Money is Safe and Easy!

Congrats on your new purchase and thank you for allowing us to help you through the process!  Below you’ll find the steps to send your earnest money deposit safely and securely.

We’ve teamed up with a trusted third party payment processor that specializes in secure wires to protect you from fraud, theft and any interruptions.  Because lets face it, buying a property, house or investment is stressful enough.  You don’t need to worry about wire fraud or money going missing.

Click here to visit our portal page and follow the four simple steps.   Once complete your wire transfer will be good to go and you’re one step closer to closing.

Step 1:

This is where they begin the process of verifying who you are and setting up your first line of defense.  Make sure to use your cell phone so you can be alerted once your money arrives, if there are issues, or if they need more information.  And don’t worry, you’re not joining a list and we will never spam you.

step 1 to send earnest money

Step 2:

On this step you’ll be asked to verify your personal information.  Because this is a financial transaction and you’re buying land, we want to take all protective measures like ensuring you are who you are.  By having your information we can further verify your identity and create a more complete safety net from theft and fraud.

And don’t worry, you’re on a secure website where nobody can spy on you or steal your information. Your safety and closing your deal are our top priorities.

step 2 to send earnest money

Step 3:

Now is where you connect your account to the payment processing.  The system being used is plaid and you will need an account.  You’ll be prompted to create one and it only takes a second.  The extra steps add security to your transaction as typing out routing and account numbers can leave a footprint.  By using this method we keep you, your bank and your purchase secure.

step 3 send earnest money

Step 4:

Congrats, you’re on the final step and this one is easy!

  1. Click on the account you’ll be taking money from
  2. Enter the address of the property you’re buying
  3. Type the amount you’re sending
  4. Submit the payment

And that’s it!  You’ve now sent earnest money and are on your way to completing your property purchase!

step 4 send earnest money
Send Earnest Money

To Send Earnest Money Now, click here.

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