12 Useful Facebook Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Facebook Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Even though Facebook turned off ads for real estate agents to attract new buyers and sellers, the platform is a prime opportunity for you to drum up business.  Below you’ll find 12 Facebook marketing strategies you can use to grow your leads funnel of home buyers and sellers.

  • 12. Share local guides and interesting tidbits as well as community events that are interesting to people in your markets.Facebook’s algorithm relies on social signals and by generating interest you keep your shares in front of your local community which in turn has your brand in front of them too.
  • 11. Instead of advertising or sharing listing photos directly on Facebook, try testing a Facebook sized image (2048 x 1149 pixels) featuring the best shots of the house.  You can include the price point and your phone number as well.

    In the text portion above the image make sure to include a link to the listing page.  This way the person can click through to see all of the listing images and schedule an appointment instead of just clicking through the photos on Facebook.

  • 10 Feature a couple of testimonials by having happy clients leave reviews on your business page.  In the review have them mention specifics like the speed of selling or finding the right home, your attentiveness with them, and anything else that makes you unique.  These real reviews go a long way!
  • 9 Have the contact us button filled out on your Facebook business page.  You’d be amazed how many people forget to have all of their contact information available.
  • 8 Make sure to include a link to your website and your full business contact information.  Many agents forget to add their email, phone number and other vital information.  By having this readily available you make it easier for potential clients to contact you.
  • 7 Include your business and operating hours.  As an agent we joke that we’re always on the clock, but if someone wants to stop by your office it may be closed.  That is why having actual office hours listed is important.
  • 6 Make sure your profile and business cover photo have your contact information.  As people click through your comments on their friends’ timelines to see who you are, this shows that you’re an agent and how to reach you if they’re looking to buy or sell a home.
  • 5 See if you can get a vanity URL!  If you notice your URL is facebook.com/45678678 then it makes it less friendly for an end user.  Have the numbers changed to be something like your name or your name + agent.  i.e. facebook.com/jane-doe-agent
  • 4 Double check that your business is in the right category.  Many of us hurry through when creating a page and forget to go back.  You’ll want to double check you have the right business type and Facebook may also have added a new and more relevant type of business listing for real estate agents.  It never hurts to look once or twice a year.
  • 3 Have you taken some time to checkout your “Insights”?  Insights are the analytics tools that Facebook provides you with.  You can use these to find the best times and days to post your most important content.  This way you can hopefully reach a larger audience.
  • 2 If you’re posting an image, make sure it stands out and fits properly.  Many times we post images that don’t always fit into the reading pane.  When this happens Facebook automatically sizes them and our photos do not share as well.
  • 1 Encourage your fans and followers to come off of Facebook to your website and collect their email address. Facebook can turn your page off at any time and for any reason.  They can also limit your exposure to your own audience.  By getting your fans and followers to visit your website you can collect their information and never have to worry about Facebook taking your own audience away from you.

    If you get them to subscribe to your email list you can send newsletters, run refer a friend campaigns during slow and busy seasons, and have an easy way to access your own community.  Facebook does not always provide reach, but your email list does!

Do you have a favorite Facebook marketing tip for real estate agents?  Feel free to leave it in the comments below, and of course tag an agent friend or two who would benefit from this post if you share it.

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