21 Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas & Where to Buy Them

real estate closing gift ideas

Selecting the right closing gift can be tricky. The process has to be thoughtful and personalized, but finding the right one can be tedious.  That’s where we come in!

Below you will find 21 unique ideas for closing gifts that not only incorporate something unique about the buyer, but something that is memorable.  Each gift also has a long-life span so that as they are ready to buy a new home, or someone asks who they would recommend, you are still in front of them.

Let’s face it, the last thing you want to be is forgettable. This will help your clients spread a positive vibe about you, helping to grow your reputation and ultimately your business.

Once you find the perfect option below, customize it around their preferences including words, slang and other things that make sure they know you put time, effort and a lot of thought into the gift.

  1. Lone Star Etched Laser Etched Hammer

    Handymen and women love their tools. A full-size hammer with a personalized message to the buyers is a beautiful way to say thank you. It may not be used practically but will find a special place in their workshop. This is simple but will surely leave a lasting impression.

  2. Local Woodworker’s Club Membership

    Woodworkers love to share with and learn from a like-minded community. Relocating to a new town means disconnecting from their community, and a membership to a local woodworker’s club is an affordable way to help movers connect with local woodworkers.

  3. Black and Decker Drill and Home Tool Kit

    A young couple buying their first home may be interested in performing their own repairs. They may also not have the money to spring on many tools. While tools may be expensive, the basics don’t need to be. This kit includes everything one will need to perform small jobs and will surely leave a lasting impression.

  4. Naked Wood Works-Personalized Cutting Board

    A personalized cutting board is an excellent choice for those who love to cook. This board is offered in maple or walnut and can be engraved with the purchase date and names of the new homeowners. Additionally, real estate agents have the option to have their business info engraved on the back for future reference.

  5. Memory Weaver Studio Glass Cutting Board with Custom House Portrait

    As an alternative to a wooden cutting board, you can opt for this beautiful piece of art. This features a digitally rendered water painting of the buyer’s home with their family name and date of purchase. While this may be used as décor, it can be used practically as a cutting board without the risk of damaging the portrait. Whether it’s used as a display or for preparing food, it’s sure to make an impact.

  6. Instant Pot 6-in-1 Pressure Cooker

    Pressure cooking is growing in popularity, and you may hear your client speaking about their interest in one for their kitchen. The Instant Pot line is trendy right now on account of its versatility. It can be used to prepare many meals, and gifting one to your clients will surely help them remember you. Best of all, it is very affordable.

  7. Local Cooking Lessons

    Cooking lessons are a great way to get clients connected with their community and learn about the local cuisine.  Cooking classes let your clients meet new people, provide them with a new recipe to enjoy in their new home and are also just fun.  Each time your client cooks their new favorite dish, they’ll remember you’re the one who bought them the class and that keeps you in the backs of their minds.

  8. Personalized Cheese Boards

    A cheese board is something very few people have but always delights the recipient. If your client mentioned they’re a fan of cheeses, charcuterie and wine, this is an excellent gift idea.

  9. Stone Fly Studio Engraved Fly Box

    Outdoorsman moving to a new area will be hard-pressed to find new fishing spots. StoneFly offers fly boxes that feature a map of a river engraved on the exterior. They have a range of boxes, each with a different river featured on it, meaning you may be able to find one of a river in their town or nearby. An optional feature is to personalized message engraved on the rear of this box. Even if it’s kept as a decorative piece, it’s something every fisher will love.

  10. Local Hobby/Club Memberships

    An alternative gift for an outdoorsman is to set them up with a membership with a local hobby club. It could be anything from photography to knitting, books or whatever the person is into.  If your client is brand new to the area, this is a great way to help them meet their new group of friends and leave a positive lasting impression of your services.

  11. Personalized Compasses

    Fisherman, hunters, hikers, mountain bikers, or any other outdoorsy person who spends time exploring will benefit from a compass. Look for a model that can be engraved with a personal message to your client, congratulating them on their home and wishing them well on their adventures.

  12. Personalized Shadow Boxes

    For clients who like to travel, a shadow box is an excellent gift idea. This allows them to place small items they’ve collected on their journeys in one enclosure. Try to remember something they mentioned or a specific word they used to describe a trip while you were helping them shop. Then engrave that onto the box for that added personal touch.

  13. Red Robot Engraving Personalized Realtor Gift Pack

    If your client loves preparing elegant meals and enjoying complimentary wine, there’s no better gift. This kit includes a wine box with tools, a cutting board, vegan leather key chain, and two stainless steel stemless wine glasses. All that is included in this pack can feature custom engravings. All that’s left is to pair it with the wine of choice.

  14. Personality Gift Shop Personalized Monogram Whiskey Decanter Set

    You can always purchase a whiskey drinker a bottle of their preferred brand, but once the bottle is gone, it’s gone. That’s why a classy decanter can be ordered with a custom monogram that features your client’s name and if you also want have the date their home officially became theirs engraved too.Now the decanter has extra meaning, and if you fill it with a special whiskey they can enjoy a toast each anniversary of their home purchase.  And don’t forget matching monogrammed glasses if you really want to leave a lasting impression.

  15. Personalized Humidors

    If your client is a cigar aficionado, or simply enjoys an occasional smoke with a brandy, it is doubtful they’d complain about getting a quality humidor.  Have the inside engraved with a custom message that will trigger their memory of you helping them. Now each time they go to relax they’ll remember who to thank.

  16. Succulent Bar Store Ultimate House Warming Succulent Gift Box

    Succulents are a favored houseplant by many. They don’t need much care and will live for years and years. You can buy subscriptions to succulents of the month clubs as a fun gift, or a completed terrarium kit with a stunning landscape that works to bring life to their home.  These unique gifts double as conversation pieces to help get you in front of their friends and get your name out as a bonus!

  17. Family Initial Garden Stones

    What better way to solidify their new home than by handing them the keys and having your clients look to see a family initial garden stone to welcome them. This is a heart warming and thoughtful gift that will certainly last the test of time and show you appreciate them choosing you as their real estate agent.

  18. Outdoor Fire Pits

    While a fire pit isn’t for every client, you’ll know the ones they mean a lot to. This gift helps make the home a more relaxing and enjoyable space. It allows them to settle into their yard and may even help inspire social activities, which will help them connect with the neighborhood.

  19. Engraved Personalized Planter Box

    Clients with a green thumb may have been forced to leave their plants behind during their big move. Buying a plant may be a bad idea, but a planter is a great one. Your client will not only be starting their new lives in their new home, but this will help “give the house life” and “sprout” a new lifestyle.  A personalized engraving gives it a personal touch they will remember you by.

  20. Yard Games or a Cornhole Set

    Yard games are the perfect way to get clients to take advantage of their new back yard. While many are tailored just for kids, Cornhole is a great game the entire family can play. This particular set is very affordable. It’s also a simple game that allows for bonding with the kids, friends, or neighbors. A big plus is its popularity that ensures it will be a big hit at their house warming party.

  21. Personalized Kids Books

    Clients with young kids may have a hard time getting them to settle into their new home; never mind getting them to focus on learning. Personalized children’s books provide kids with an escape and can be an incredibly useful tool for teaching. Best of all, the parents will appreciate your thoughtfulness and efforts to help them and their children!

Do you have a real estate closing gift that works great with your clients. Feel free to share it in the comments below.

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