5 Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Become a Better Real Estate Agent

5 ways to become a better real estate agent

Being a successful real estate agent takes more than learning to juggle multiple tasks, play therapist, and pass tests.  It takes courage and the ability to stand out in a room.  This does not have to be tricky, even if you’re an introvert in an extroverts industry.  The secret is knowing how to fine tune your skills and builds your confidence, and you can have fun doing it!

It isn’t easy to go into a room of strangers, and even the most seasoned agents can feel nervous going in for a cold call or pitch.  To help you overcome these hurdles, here are five ways you can fine tune your skills and become a better real estate agent.

Join an Improve Group

Improve comedy isn’t just goofy exercises.  It is an art form that makes people come out of their shell, think on their feet, and have to produce small talk that keeps the crowd engaged with no control over the subject line.  By taking improve classes or attending meetups where everyone participates, you’ll be preparing yourself to field unexpected questions and be ready to answer, no matter how “unique” the topic is.  In fact, Science Direct published this study sharing that even 20 minutes of improve your ability to tolerate uncertainty.

In addition to coming out of your shell, you’ll be networking with people and making new friends.

Become a Public Speaker by Finding a Local Group

There are national and local public speaking organizations you can join that teach you the art of public speaking.  By learning, watching, and practicing you’ll be ready to speak to a crowded open house and in rooms full of potential leads.  A good place to start is Toastmasters (we have no affiliation with them.)

Some of the most successful real estate agents built their network by speaking at conferences where there are HR professionals, divorce lawyers, and industry professionals.  By being the voice that resonates, the attendees will begin to trust you and hopefully send you business.  And to become a better public speaker you need to practice.  That is what Toastmasters and other groups help with.

Take Negotiation Classes at a Local University

Knowing how to enter a deal, speed up the process, and predict questions, obstacles and objections is a gift.  And one you can purchase for yourself.  Many universities, colleges and higher education centers offer classes on sales and negotiations.  They’ll teach you how to ask the right questions, what to look for when you get to the table, and how to know when to fold or go higher and lower.

You could take a negotiation class online, but we don’t recommend it.  Being in person and having to go head to head is what you’ll be facing as an agent.  By attending in person classes you’ll have chances to create real life scenarios and fine tune your skills better than trying through a computer monitor.  However, we are in a modern time, and you will also want to practice via cell phone, video call and zoom.  By attending in person classes you can gain experience with all formats.

Volunteer at Animal Rescues, Hospitals or Other Interactive Non-Profits

There are a few ways volunteering will help you become a better real estate agent.

  • You’re going to be exposed and interacting with people at all emotional levels, and need to learn to remain calm.
    • People dropping pets off that they cannot care for, waiting for loved ones going through surgery, and also good times like adopting a new best friend or being announced cancer free.
  • As you’re talking to potential clients, they’ll look you up on social media. If you have photos posted of volunteer work, you’re going to look like a good human being.  If it is a cause they can relate to, you now have something in common.
  • When going into perspective meetings you’re going to come across people with medical devices, animals that show strange behaviors, etc…  By being trained to handle these environments you’ll be able to remain calm, not stare or feel panic, and be relatable.

Volunteering makes you feel good, and it can be a way to become a better agent.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

Test New Technology

All of us fall into patterns and habits and assume our current systems are enough.  What we forget is new technology and systems become available regularly.  We just have to remove our own fears of trying them.

Testing new systems does not mean you have to use them, it just means you’re looking for ways to ensure your company’s success for now and the future.  If you’re a one person shop now, but you want to become a brokerage, learn the software and systems your current employers use. And don’t be afraid to talk to new vendors.  One day you’ll be happy you can hit the ground running as you grow and launch your own brand, and being able to implement the systems gives you a running start.

This makes you a better real estate agent because you won’t have to pause any current relationships due to learning how to run a business, or which software to buy.  You just need to implement which keeps you available for your current projects, clients and deals.

Becoming a better real estate agent doesn’t always mean attending classes or networking events.  It could be identifying where you have opportunities to grow.  The above ideas can help people just like you become more confident, a better negotiator, and develop your skills to take your real estate career to the next level.

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