5 Ways To Increase Buyer & Seller Leads from Listing Pages

5 Things to Do on Listing Pages To Increase Buyer Seller Leads

If you’re ready to drive more buyer and seller leads from your listing pages, we’re ready to help.

Below you’ll find 5 of our top tips to turn more website visitors into leads for your sales funnel and increase foot traffic for your open houses.

  1. Testimonials Before or After Your Contact Form

    If you’re already using testimonials from happy clients on your listing page you’re a step ahead of the rest. But have you considered the placement of the testimonial?

    By adding one testimonial above or directly below your contact form you can reassure the potential client that you are the right agent for them based on what past and repeat clients have to say.

    Bonus tip: If you have a testimonial that is directly relatable to the potential lead type, you can build relevance and trust.  For instance, if you’re selling a home for a family with small children, include a recent testimonial from a similar family vs. a single person buying a condo in a city.

  2. Feature Charities You Support

    When you work in a market that has military bases, a children’s hospital or a large farming community, think about what will win your perspective clients’ trust. One of these things is supporting a charity.

    Find a charity that you are personally proud to support and begin donating to them. You can likely show you support for them with a badge on your website to build trust with the potential client.  And even if it doesn’t win everyone over, you’ve still done something good, so it is a win either way.

  3. Include a Phone Number You Answer

    If someone wants to pick up the phone and call you because they want to tour your open house, don’t miss out on the lead because you only have a contact form.  Make sure your landing page has a phone number to call and that it is formatted as a click-to-call link.  The number can go directly to you during work hours, to your brokerage, or have a Virtual Assistant be ready to respond and provide information if you’re busy.

    If you only have a form then potential buyers and sellers will skip over you. Having the phone number shows you are accessible and if it is a local area code it builds trust they will get a local person to talk to.  Some leads will never use the phone number, but seeing one with a local area code builds confidence and that could cause the person to fill out the form.

    If you don’t have a phone number, you are likely missing out on new buyer and seller leads in addition to foot traffic at your open houses.

  4. Inputs and Field Labels

    One of the most common missed opportunities is your contact forms. Have you checked to see if they offer a website visitor the option to autofill from a mobile device?  By enabling autofill on your forms, potential buyers and sellers don’t have to type everything in by hand, saving them time and effort.  With a simple click everything will be filled out and you can be on your way to closing the deal.

    It is also a good idea to make sure each field is easy to click from a device and not spaced too close together.  If you haven’t seen your contact form in a while, take out your phone and check now.  This is money on the table.

  5. Feature Your Photo and a Brief Bio

    Having the property information and beautiful real estate photography is great, but adding yourself into the page puts a face with the property and makes the experience more human.

    By showing the lead who they will be talking to, you give your potential client a real person they can visualize. This builds confidence and trust. If you have a brief bio about your expertise specific to the property type you can reinforce why the potential client should reach out to you. This further builds confidence and can bring you more leads even if your traffic doesn’t increase.  It is more personal and builds trust that you have the experience needed to help them buy or sell their house.

Listing pages are essential if you plan on being successful in real estate. And these five tips will help you to convert more page visitors into lead form completions.  If you’d like more real estate marketing tips like these, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below.

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