7 Alternatives to Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

Alternatives to Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents

Did your Facebook ads for your real estate business get shut off? So did everyone else’s.

Facebook lost a $400 Million lawsuit to HUD, and it resulted in the need to block real estate ads as they may violate the Fair Housing Act.

“According to HUD’s Charge, Facebook enabled advertisers to exclude people whom Facebook classified as parents; non-American-born; non-Christian; interested in accessibility; interested in Hispanic culture; or a wide variety of other interests that closely align with the Fair Housing Act’s protected classes” Explains HUD.Gov.

No matter the case, real estate agents are forced to find alternative means of advertising for business.

Despite Facebook’s former status of the “go-to” platform, there are still plenty of other great options. Below are some of the best places on the internet for you to post your real estate ads.

  1. LinkedIn

    LinkedIn lets you target people by jobs, titles, and demographics. You can use this site to reach people that are about to relocate on account of a new career. That may mean helping them sell as they leave the area or finding a home.

    Bonus tip – You can also run ads for movers, contractors and others to make an introduction to your real estate business. Now you can cultivate the relationship and build your lead funnel from industry professionals.

  2. Craigslist Marketing

    Craigslist is a free classifieds service that can be used to list housing and advertise real estate services. This platform is excellent for reaching people who may not use social media platforms. The ability to search for services and listings in all parts of the country is useful for gaining local clients. It can be especially helpful for linking with those who are considering relocating to your area.

  3. Google Ads

    Google Ads is an effective means of targeting potential clients based on their keyword search.

    Campaigns can be tailored to capture particular demographics based on home type, location, buying/selling, and even device type. You have the option to create general ad campaigns.

    Still, it can be hard to capture audiences as ads from Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and Realtor are often top search results that are hard to separate from ads posted by organic users.

    For ultimate success, it’s recommended that ad campaigns posted by real estate agents are as specific as possible.

  4. Zillow Ads

    Unlike other classifieds sites, Zillow is a real estate market place and Zillow ads allows you to reach house buyers and sellers. Most users will refer to this website when looking to buy or sell before looking at other local listing sites.

    Buyers are directed to this site by Google, Trulia, and other search engines, which generate massive traffic. The best part is advertising is free, meaning you have nothing to lose by creating ads that will provide exposer in the marketplace.

  5. Connected Investors

    Connected Investors is a platform designed to offer networking opportunities for investors. Because the majority of users are interested in real estate, it is an excellent opportunity for agents to advertise their services. This site even allows users to post property listings if you need to move a short sale fast.

  6. LetGo

    Letgo is a free classifieds listing service that is known to provide fast results when postings are listed.

    This platform is used to post all sorts of listings, real estate included. For sale ads may be used to capture the attention of potential buyers in a specific area, which is a great way to offer your services.

  7. Google My Business

    Google My Business is a free platform run by Google.  By having a complete listing you not only show better results for people looking for your office locations by name, but you can have an even larger advantage to showing up on Google Maps and in Google search results where it shows local businesses.  (i.e. someone types in real estate agents in (your city)).

Just because Facebook no longer lets you advertise, it doesn’t mean you’re out of luck.  These 7 alternative advertising platforms for real estate agents may help you drive more leads and scale your business!

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