Agents – Ways You Can Stand Out to Perspective Clients


Ways You Can Stand Out to Prospective Clients

As an agent, you’re going to run into buyers and sellers stuck on the idea that all real estate agents are the same. To them, it really might not make a difference who they go with. They already have numerous agents hounding them for the business, and they don’t care who helps them.

But you do care; this is your livelihood. Standing out to new clients in real estate can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Today, we’re here to help you catch that lead’s attention and close the deal.

Below you’ll find four things to keep in mind while you’re talking to buyer and seller prospects.  They include selling statements, general differentiators for you as a real estate agent, and talking points for seller and buyer leads.  By taking these ideas and modifying them to your unique skills you may be able to increase your close rate!

Selling Statements

Your first contact with a new client is like a job interview. And like a job interview, you don’t want to focus too much on why you want them, but instead why they want you.

The first thing you need to think about is the message you are sending to the potential client. You always need to be mindful of their intentions and balance them with your strengths and experience.

You should have three different groups of selling statements in mind. These are bits of information about yourself that your client should know based on their intent.

You don’t want to be generic or scripted. Focus on the details that make you unique. Capitalize on how they increase your value to them as an agent.

General Differentiators

This pertains to buyers and sellers; they may be general bits of information but are essential for establishing credibility with clients. Because this information is pertinent to buyers and sellers, it is ok to base these details on their needs:

  • Professional/Educational Background: It’s always a good idea to supply clients with some detail on your background. You don’t need to go overboard, though. You just need to highlight what is required to display that you are a professional with proper training and experience.
  • Special Skills: Adding to the experience, don’t forget to leave out any essential details. If you specialize as a buyer’s agent, listing agent, or both, you should let them know right upfront.
  • Be Personable: Establishing rapport is vital and can be done in several ways. One key element is to engage with the client. Showcase willingness to work with them, and that they are what comes first.

Seller Statements

When selling a home, keep speed in mind. You also want to establish trust with the client and let them know their home is in good hands. You should supply sellers with the following:

  • Portfolios of Successful Open Houses: The client needs to know their home is safe, especially when you have strangers in it. Showing them examples of your experience and success with open houses only gives them more reasons to pick you. Don’t be afraid to highlight any out of the box ideas you have used in the past either.
  • Marketing Abilities: Speed is essential, and the ability to advertise is a significant contributor to getting the exposure needed to move properties quickly. Let clients know about any custom deals you have with publications and marketing channels. Furthermore, you should mention it if you have a team that can run and manages digital adds.
  • Abilities to Strategize: Through your experiences, you’ve dealt with demanding clients, horrible properties, other nightmare situations, and still came through. You must highlight these dealings with your new clients and talk about what you were willing to do to pull through for past sellers. Not only will you be showcasing your skills of strategizing but demonstrating your value to your clients.
  • Other Notable Successes: It goes without saying that the client wants to get offers above market value. If you can show them that you’ve pulled it off before, they are far more likely to pick you over someone who hasn’t. You can also always highlight other notable successes, such as being able to sell homes quickly.

Buyer Statements

Everything here is about the buyer. You need to demonstrate to them that you have what it takes to get them their dream home. You need to highlight that you are willing to go above and beyond. You should highlight the following for buyers:

  • Networking: Buyers often fail to find their dream homes as they usually only have access to public listings. Be sure to inform them that you have networking capabilities and can find properties that they can’t.
  • Negotiation Skills: Being able to purchase homes below market value is something every buyer desires. Always highlight your ability to do so, and don’t be afraid to provide them with examples. You can also include details regarding a negotiation process to demonstrate your willingness to go the extra mile.
  • Do the Leg Work: Buyers have obligations and aren’t always available. Let them know that you are willing to tour homes during the day and take pictures. Also, don’t be afraid to provide honest feedback when doing so.
  • Flexible Hours: Again, buyers often have schedules that make it difficult for them to interact with you during the day. You will have to go beyond touring homes without them. Show that you are willing to take their calls, answer emails, and even meet with them whenever it works best for them.

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