5 Professionals That Always Have Off-Market Listings For You

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When inventory runs low, getting creative is the key to finding new listings or sourcing properties for your clients. By going outside the “real estate” box you can build a network that brings you consistent off-market properties and keeps your business running smooth, even when the MLS dries up.

Here are five types of professionals you can network with to keep real estate leads and business flowing.

5. Divorce Attorneys

Divorce means someone is likely going to move, or the couple wants to sell their house. Whether it is amicable and the couple is looking to sell quick, or one of the people needs to secretly shop, you can provide “confidential” and discrete real estate services. Network with divorce attorneys at local meetups and you can also try sending a gift with your business card inside for a more creative approach.

Pro-tip: Find the top rated divorce attorneys in your local market. Order a dozen cupcakes or donuts for each and on the inside have a hand written note that says “I got you this message discreetly, now let me help your clients move on to their new life with the same creativity.” and have your business card inside as well.

4. Hospice Care Facilities

It’s never easy to watch a family member deteriorate, but it is a part of life. And when the family chooses a hospice center, they’ll likely need to sell their family member’s house. The hospice center will normally provide a list of compassionate and trustworthy agents.

By presenting yourself as someone who understands this is a stressful time, will meet the needs of a family that is stressed, and who can move a property quickly to help cover hospice costs, you can become the go-to agent.  Compassion and professionalism are key in this type of relationship.

3. HR & Military Relocation Specialists

If your city or town has a few large corporations, a military base, or mid-size companies with multiple locations, they also have employees that are moving to and away from your area regularly. And when new hires come in and get relocated, the last thing a company wants is them thinking about selling their home. Be creative like with the divorce attorney pastry example and network with the service providers.

You can do this by attending local HR meetups, hosting HR community events with speakers, and by partnering with local service providers to get your name in front of the right people.  Once you are in front of the HR decision maker, include examples of how you can quickly sell a home to keep the employee or military family focused on their life or job while reducing everyone’s stress.

Pro-tip: If you’re good with advertising, look up the job titles of the relocation specialists and HR team members. Facebook, LinkedIn and other advertising platforms let you market to people with these titles and the companies they work for. Bring the potential off-market lead source to a dedicated landing page about how you can help their people sell or find their new home fast and stress-free,

2. Real Estate Investors

If you haven’t reached out to investors lately, now could be the time. Just like everyone else they’re buying up properties and renovating them.  By rekindling your relationships with local investors you can get first access to their homes before they hit the market.

Pro-tip: If the investor has exactly what your client is looking for, but hasn’t finished the renovations, the investor may be open to modifying their original plans to create the dream home for your buyer.  The contractor is already there, and it can increase the appeal and value so that everyone is happy.

1. Debt Collectors, Accountants, Bankruptcy Attorneys

Debt and foreclosure happens. Medical expenses can hit fast and same with credit card bills. Many people will look for professional help sometimes before they get to pre-foreclosure, and the debt collectors will be contact with them too. If you or your clients don’t mind a bit of hands-on work, foreclosure homes could actually be a good option.

You can help the homeowner avoid losing everything while also finding an off-market listing that can be flipped into a dream home.

Bonus Professional

One more professional to network with are title companies and settlement agents like us.  We always recommend people sell their houses with real estate agents, but many for sale by owner properties come across our desks as people look for someone to do a title search.  This is where title companies and insurance professionals can help introduce you to off-market properties too.

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