21 Realtor Problems Only a Real Estate Agent Understands

21 Realtor Problems Only a Real Estate Agent Understands

Everyone in real estate just sits back and collects money from property sales. Well, that’s what everyone thinks until they walk that proverbial mile in the shoes of a real estate agent.

The grueling daily agenda of a real estate agent is bound to change anyone in the industry’s perspective. Don’t worry; you’re not the only one dangling over a fence, in the middle of the day for a house showing.

Nothing is more wildly inaccurate than claiming real estate agents have it easy. They don’t know about all of the unique struggles you face and even if you explain it to them. They still wouldn’t get it.

There are some things only a real estate agent could understand.

  1. Break that Scanner out!

In the paperless world, your job is so out of touch. All day, every day you’ll be running that scanner like it’s 1999. Don’t forget, you’ve got to file and carry many copies of those forms on your person.

  1. Negotiation is Robbery

There’s nothing like trying to negotiate to someone who is offended by your offer. Chances are you’ll be spending a lot of time explaining yourself in an effort to bring down hostility.

  1. Contactless Clients

Every once in a while you’re going to come into contact with some strange folks. Such as those who don’t have emails or cell phones. Luckily for them, you’ll do whatever it takes to touch base!

  1. Signs. They are Everywhere.

Signs are a great way to advertise right? As a real estate agent, you’re bound to have one or two hundred signs taking up the back seat and trunk of your car. It’s best to keep signs to a minimum, just make sure you get them back at all costs.

  1. Breaking the News on Low Appraisals

Nothing is more fun than letting a client know their property is worth less than they thought it would be. You just have to suck it up and take it like you’re the decision maker in this matter.

  1. Emotional Ties

It’s hard enough to motivate a client to sell when they’re attached to their home. Nothing’s worse than having to break the news to buyers and yourself that they’re not ready to sell. Who needs to eat, right?

  1. Marketing Pros

Sellers know how to market their homes, right? They might even try to take over how and where you market their property. There’s nothing like reminding them what business you’re in.

  1. Frozen Locks

Selling houses in the winter is often made difficult by frozen locks and keypads. Seasoned pros might have some deicer just for this problem. Or a cup of hot water will do.

  1. You Might Actually be a Handyman

Leaky faucets? Water under the sink? Dangling wires? Clogged drains? Clients may think potential buyers won’t notice these but you know better! Roll those sleeves up because if you don’t fix it nobody else will!

  1. Breaking and Entering

Client forgot to leave the key right? No problem. Nothing like hopping over fences and climbing through windows will set the tone for a showing.

  1. Show, Show, Show

Running an open house means running like a robot. If there’s steady traffic through the front door you’d better be ready to put off all human functions such as eating and using the restroom until further notice.

  1. Closing Costs

Everyone is happy with the deal until you teach them about closing costs. You and all other parties might as well just admit to being burglars when the time comes.

  1. “Let’s Low Ball it Anyway”

How many clients insist on making super low offers? That’s right, when they make an offer that’s $100,000 lower than market value you’ve got to accept the seller’s reaction and return to the buyer with egg on your face that should be on theirs.

  1. Always in Uniform

Realtors never have the opportunity to “let their hair down.” The second they do, folks will recognize them as sloppy and unprofessional. Even in a casual setting, you have to be ready for a professional encounter.

  1. No Time in a Day

You’re days may start off with a list of goals to achieve. One client can take and throw those goals out the window. Sure, there’s time management but this can be a truly reactive lifestyle.

  1. Sleep or Money?

Why sleep when you can spend a little more time searching for properties and answering client questions? You can always catch up after this sale. Or maybe the next one.

  1. You’re a Bot When it Comes to Replies

Every realtor loves not answering clients at the drop of a hat. Or so their 13 follow up texts and calls in five-minute window would imply.

  1. “Welcoming” Clients

There’s nothing homier than a client who’s prepared to shoot trespassers on sight right? Hey, maybe you’ll find a buyer who speaks their language!

  1. What Weekends?

Weekends are when everyone else has time to deal with real estate. Where their workweeks end, yours will continue with showings, presentations and everything else you prepared for during the week.

  1. Vacationing is Just Working in Nicer Places

Yeah, it’s healthy to take some time off, but who can resist potential business opportunities off the clock? Even on a dream vacation, you’re likely to be taking and making calls with clients and prospects to keep that cash flowing.

  1. Realtor = Cleaning Service

Who’s got time to clean the property before a showing? That’s right. YOU! Even with an ample heads up to the client, you’re sure to spend some time straightening the home up before buyers show up!

And a bonus!

  1. Wild Customizations

Some homeowners have a special way of “decorating.” You may be forced to show potential buyers some pretty odd craftsmanship including oddly placed toilets, mirrors, gun cabinets or more. But hey, that just makes it unique right?

Do you have one to add to this list?  Leave it in the comments below.

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