Title, Escrow & Closing Services Open During Covid-19 in VA, MD & DC

Title, Escrow & Closing Services Open During Covid-19 in VA, MD & DC

Covid-19 is something we are taking very seriously.  That’s why we prepared for virtual and in person closings years ago!  It is how we can remain open for business in Virginia, Maryland and DC while taking extra precautions for both you and your clients.  

Here’s How:

Virtual Closings!  

Almost all of our processes can be done securely and online while following ALTA best practices.

  • Secure and encrypted file transfers
  • Utilizing Notarize.com or private and recorded video conferencing in Jurisdictions that is allowed in
    • ALTA is working on passing an emergency bill to allow RON (Remote Online Closing) for the entire USA this week.
  • Using e-recordings 
    • Our underwriters are offering GAP Coverage in counties where the courthouses do not provide e-recording, so we can close and fund on time. 

The process is simple:

  1. We email each party the closing documents with instructions.
  2. The parties will submit all needed documents like a license and ID.
  3. Next a video conference call is scheduled so we can record, document and verify identities.
  4. Electronic signatures and notaries finalize the deal.
  5. Post closing we will distribute the documents virtually or with print out options.  Whichever you and your clients prefer.  

If you prefer in person closings, we can accommodate this too!

The office is being sanitized daily.  we will also sanitize conference tables, chairs before and after each closing. We provide you with new pens before you and your clients enter the conference room.  

Your health and safety are our primary concern, and we will do our best to take care of you.

Let us know how we can help you with title insurance, escrow and closing services at any of our Maryland, Virginia and DC locations.

Call us at (703) 934-2100, or write to info@atgtitle.com and we’ll be ready to help!  You can also fill out the form on the upper right hand section of this page.

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