What is a CLUE Report? And How to Order One.

what is a clue report

A CLUE Report, otherwise known as a Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange Report, is a document that provides a list of all insurance claims that have been made on a house.  CLUE Reports are used by insurance companies to determine whether or not they want to cover your home, how much they want to cover your home for, and the rates your coverage will be at. But CLUE Reports do not solely benefit insurance companies. 

CLUE Report disputes can help you uncover any hidden damage or issues that a previous homeowner may be hiding. Similarly, a CLUE Report can also be a good selling point when you are selling your home as long as no claims have been made in the past 7 years as it may appear your home is in really good condition. 

Now that you know what a CLUE report is, let’s jump into what is included and how you can order a CLUE report for your home or the one you’re thinking about buying.  

What Does a Clue Report Include?

A CLUE Report includes all insurance claim information about a property for up to 7 years. 

Each Clue Report insurance claim will include the following:

  • Name of the owner
  • Date of the claim
  • Policy number
  • Type of loss
  • Amount compensated by the insurer 
  • Description of the property and claim

In addition to all processed claims, a CLUE Report will also mention all attempted claims, including failed or denied insurance claims. 

How Can I Order a Clue Report?

You can order a CLUE Report from LexisNexis by calling them at 1-866-312-8076.  LexisNexis will provide you with a CLUE Report annually if you want to keep track of what is on it. It is also a good idea to ask your insurer if they are setting your premium based on your CLUE Report. This way you can keep track of increases and decreases as well as begin to estimate what may or may not happen as your insurance policies update.  Another benefit of ordering a CLUE report is that it will offer you additional disclosure which can help you avoid liability when selling your home. 

As you can see, CLUE Reports in real estate are not strictly for insurance companies. You can use them if you’re stuck deciding between two homes as a home buyer, and also to keep track of your own home and insurance policy changes as a home owner.  

And now you know what a CLUE report is, where to order one from and the benefits of having a CLUE report as a homeowner, a home buyer and a home seller.

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