17 New Real Estate Seller and Buyer Lead Ideas

Real Estate Lead Ideas

When you’re looking for real estate leads, whether for buyers or sellers, it’s essential to get creative. Sure, you can stick to the standards, but you may spend more time waiting than conducting business.

You already know the importance of capturing an audience, but everyone needs a little inspiration from time to time — especially considering the obstacles that 2020 and 2021 will certainly throw your way.

Let’s highlight some new and proven ways to capture more leads so your business can continue to grow and thrive!

  1. LinkedIn/Google Ads

If one of your markets is an expensive city like San Francisco, NYC, and Seattle with large companies making a permanent move to work from home, then there is a massive trend in people leaving urban living for suburbs and rural areas. You can now run ads to people that work for these companies on Linked In, Google, and other ad networks about selling their homes so they can enjoy a more calm, tranquil, and of course, affordable lifestyle.

  1. Capitalize on Growing Families

Advertise in baby stores and bridal shops – as people have been cooped up inside, babies happen. And when families grow, they need more space. By being in front of them now, you can begin driving leads to your business as they start to look for a “trusted agent.” If they trust this store with their baby or their wedding, it adds credibility to you too.

  1. Help Divorcees Stay on Track

Just like babies are being born, divorces and separations are happening fast. Become the go-to agent for the divorce and settlement lawyers in your area. Ensure you win their trust by offering discrete, private, and entirely virtual house hunting to help their clients get out of a bad situation or make moving fast.

  1. Keep in Touch with Past Clients

Send past clients an “anniversary gift.” If it’s been three years or five years, send an anniversary gift as a light-hearted way to thank you again for using your services. Make sure to say you hope they’re enjoying their home. You can include a couple of business cards and a reminder that referrals are always welcome. Have fun with the message too. Or if you remember they loved your closing gift, why not do a follow up that keeps with the same theme?

  1. Newspapers Still Work

Don’t rule out the old school way of doing things. Many people still get newspapers, and with folks staying indoors, they’re much more likely to read them. This is an excellent place to advertise your services. However, you must be creative and ensure you do not blend in with other agents who are also taking advantage of this medium.

  1. Pet Stores

Pet owners love their furry friends and often sacrifice the idea of moving into a better home because some communities or rental properties won’t allow pets. You can establish relationships with local pet stores and advertise your services there. In doing so, you can show potential clients that you’re dedicated to helping them find a home that will allow them to bring their pets along.

  1. Sportsman Clubs

Those who belong to sportsman associations may be looking for properties closer to game lands or have larger land plots that allow them to enjoy nature. Offering your services here is a great way to capture their attention.

  1. Instagram Stories

Using social media to your advantage has become a touchy topic. However, there are still means to do so. Instagram stories are more popular than ever with folks staying home. Furthermore, it’s completely free and a great way to spread the word of your services.

  1. Create a Blog

Creating a blog is a great way to establish credibility. But to develop an edge, you must create useful and valuable information for the readers. You can cover local trends, popular questions, and other relevant topics to a given area or demographic. You also must actively engage with the audience. Encouraging comments and feedback are essential to establishing the rapport needed to inspire those to use your services.

  1. Host Local Events

2020 is a strange time, and social gatherings are few and far between. However, this does provide you with a unique advantage. Any event is much more likely to be remembered. While you will have to ensure you work with the guidelines, you can still provide the community with a fun and relaxing event that allows you to engage with potential clients personally.

  1. Hand Out Swag

The power of swag and merchandise is unparalleled. By providing past clients or otherwise with coffee mugs, T-shirts, or even coasters, you essentially turn them into walking advertisements. It is far from uncommon for an agent to take this route, so you must make sure that what you provide will stand out from the rest. Just not so much so that they are unwilling to wear or use it.

  1. Video Marketing

Video marketing has always been a powerful tool, but even more so, given the circumstances of 2020. Creating a web series, Vlogs, and even virtual tours of homes is a great way to interact with the audience that chooses to remain indoors as much as possible.

  1. Offer Home Valuations

Many potential clients are interested in knowing what their homes are worth. Offer this service to them. You can use multiple platforms to direct web users to your website to get an automated home valuation. Once they do, you can follow up with emails to further pursue their business.

  1. Use Text Messages

How many emails do you ignore or send straight to spam? Your clients can say the same. Using text messages can be far more personal and engaging. You can also create automated text messages, which allows you to contact multiple people at once with little effort on your end!

  1. Team up With Other Agents

Not all other real estate agents are the competition. Especially those who are out of state or out of your focus area. If you can establish an out-of-town agent, you two can work together to share potential clients. They may know someone who is moving to your area and can recommend your services to them. However, this is a give and take relationship, meaning you must do the same for them.

  1. Join Local Organizations?

Actively engaging with a community is vital. By joining local organizations and regularly attending events and gatherings, you are sure to build clout amongst the members. This is an excellent method to attain leads simply based on your reputation amongst the other members.

  1. Socialize!

As our previous tip suggests, it’s essential to stay active within the community. Don’t limit yourself to large events or gatherings. You should stay actively engaged with people on a casual level as well. It is vital to remain professional, but it is highly likely that you can passively attain leads through regular conversations.

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