3 Ways to Get Everything For a Listing With No Contact

3 Ways to Get Listing Images Without Human Contact

The good news is that real estate transactions are staying strong, even when we cannot connect with our clients in person.  The biggest obstacle we are seeing is getting the best possible assets for property listings when the client does not want us to be with them in person.  

Never fear!  Just like we now have remote online notary (eNotary and eClosing services), there are solutions for real estate agents to get listing assets and photos that sell without having to come in contact with your client.

Here are three options so that you can get incredible listing assets and remain “contact free”.  

Have Your Photographer Walk Your Client Through Taking the Right Photos

Thanks to smartphones having advanced camera lenses and video conferencing, you or your photographer can connect with the seller virtually to take incredible listing photos.  

Have your client set their computer or secondary device up so you can see where they are in the room.  Now you or your photographer should give your client guidance on angling their phone or camera and describe what to capture.  The best part is they can email or share the images in real time making sure you have the right shots.  

Bonus tip – while you’re at it, why not have them do a 360 degree video of the room and a virtual walk through.  You can make sure they scan the entire room and also position the camera correctly. 

Purchase Sanitary PPE Equipment for Your Photographer

It can be nerve racking for clients to have strangers walking through their homes right now.  But PPE and HAZMAT equipment are becoming available again.  

By purchasing this for your photographer and making sure everyone follows social distancing and hygiene guidelines, you may be able to have your photographer go through and capture the correct images for the listing.  

Another option is to see if your client will be running essential errands.  This could be a great time to schedule your photographer to go in. 

There will be no human contact and if the photographer wears their gear and follows guidelines and you have done your best to help prevent the spread of any viruses.  

If your photographer does not want to do this, or the client prefers you go in instead, this could also be a great alternative to being in your clients house with them directly.  

Always check with a licensed medical professional for best practices and practical advice on staying safe while being in your clients home.

Send a Professional 360 Degree Camera to Your Client or Buy Them an App 

Similar to the first solution, the client will be responsible for taking the shots.  The good news is that in this case the camera does all the work.  

Go online and buy one or a few 360 degree cameras.  Next type out instructions on how to set the camera up, turn it on, and capture an image.  Last, have your client place the camera in each room to capture the photos.

Now you can list these photos and create a virtual walkthrough and tour of the property.  

Bonus tip – there are apps and services that allow smartphones to create virtual tours.  Some are under $10 for the download.  If you don’t plan on doing many of these, this is a time and budget saver.  If you’d like to continue with contact free listing photos, investing in a camera could be less expensive.    

Just because we cannot be with our client in person does not mean we cannot get quality assets for their property listing.  By being creative and staying within proper health guidelines, we can continue to gather the images we need and continue to sell properties.

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