7 Out-Of-The-Box Partnership Ideas to Drive Real Estate Leads

7 Out-Of-The-Box Partnership Ideas to Drive Real Estate Leads

At some point, the market will appear dried up. All your typical lead sources will go quiet, and you’ll have to live off of your reserve while waiting for the market to pick up again. That’s typical for the average real estate agent, but this does not have to be a situation you face.

By becoming the “it” person and everyone’s go-to, you can have a continuous flow of real estate leads that come in ready to buy and sell.  The best part is that because they are direct referrals, the lead quality is high and your funnel stays full.

Below you will find seven unique marketing strategies to keep your pipeline full of buyer and seller leads year-round.

  1. Network with Divorce Lawyers

    Law partners are always worth building partnerships with. But you don’t want to limit your connections solely to those within your field.

    Divorce lawyers are a great source of leads for new homebuyers. By gaining the lawyer’s trust and showing them that you have a fully private and secure service, they are likely to recommend your services to their clients.

    The idea of taking advantage of divorce situations can understandably make your skin crawl, but there’s more to it than just making a profit off a negative scenario. In many cases, your confidential services can be especially beneficial to those who desperately need to escape a bad situation.

  2. Baby Stores

    Bitter endings aren’t the only thing to generate business opportunities! Happy beginnings are just as likely to inspire couples to enter the home buying market.

    Sometimes the addition of a little one means it’s time for a bigger home. By pairing up with baby stores as a trusted resource for new home purchases, anyone who mentions the fact that they need a bigger yard, more bedrooms, or more space in general, is likely to be directed to your services.

  3. HR Conferences

    Businesses grow, and when they do, employees moving to the area require housing. Our advice? Attend human resources conferences any time you can.

    Large brands need housing specialists, and getting your foot in the door by introducing yourself and possibly speaking on a panel during these conferences can get you closer to that position. In doing so, you can become the local resource for executives moving to the area or looking for short-term housing while they shop for homes and sell their old ones.

  4. Sponsor Local Events for “Target” Audiences

    As an agent, you have the opportunity to establish a rapport among target audiences by acting as something of a specialist at finding properties that suit their specific needs. A great example of this is specializing in helping pet owners find a property in pet-friendly neighborhoods that our four-legged companions will enjoy as much as their humans do. Sponsoring local pet adoption events is a great way to connect them to your services as well.

  5. Take Action in Facebook Groups

    Can a Facebook group of home shoppers serve as something of a legitimate real estate partnership? Especially with the marketing issues that have recently emerged on this platform? Absolutely.

    By taking action as an active member of a local Facebook group, you can lend your expertise in the field to other members any time the opportunity arises. By establishing yourself as a reliable source within the group, other members can be motivated to turn to you when the time comes to buy or sell a home.

  6. Partner with Closing Gift Suppliers

    It’s easy to source your closing gifts from internet suppliers due to the convenience of having products delivered directly to your doorstep. However, using a local business exclusively for baskets, flowers, wines, and/or treats of any kind allows you to build a partnership.

    By giving them the business each time you close on a home, they become a beneficiary of your success. Obviously, this factor motivates them to recommend your services to other clients whenever possible as well.

  7. Team Up with Service Providers

    Another great way to generate word-of-mouth recommendations is by partnering with local home service providers. By giving them business every time new homeowners want to update the plumbing, heating, electrical, or other parts of the home, they stand to make a profit.

    Like closing gift suppliers, this will motivate them to recommend your services any time real estate business opportunities present themselves.

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