How EClosing & Remote Online Notary Services Work

How E-Closing & Remote Online Notary Services Work

Ever since Virginia made it legal in 2012 to become a remote online notary public and notarize documents from real estate closings to wills, other states have been jumping on the bandwagon.  You can now legally sign and notarize documents virtually from any state, anywhere, except Iowa, even if you are not currently there.

If you’re selling your home in Texas but are vacationing in Las Vegas, Nevada, remote online notary (RON) can help you through this.  But how does it work and is it legal?

How Remote Online Notary Services Work (EClosings)

Remote notary services or eclosings can only work when you can verify both parties are legitimate and you have a way to record, sign and document the transaction.  That means you need a way to process digital signatures, record the transaction using both audio and visual recordings, and you must be able to verify the identities of all parties involved.

What is the process for a Remote Online Notary & Closing

The process is simple:

  1. All documents are submitted electronically and reviewed for accuracy.
  2. Once the documents are verified accurate, everyone will join a video and voice recorded meeting.
  3. Each person involved in the transaction will authenticate through a secure platform to verify they are the right person.
  4. Now that everything is verified and all parties agree to the terms, electronic versions are sent for signing, recording and notarizing.
  5. Once notarized, electronic versions are securely stored, and sent to all parties.  

Can I get a printed version as well?

Yes, you can request a printed version of the notarized document to be shipped to you.  Some remote online notaries will charge extra fees, but that will depend on who you use.  

Which States Can I Do a Remote Online Notary In?

Although not every state has legal documentation or bills about remote notary services and eclosings, with the outbreak of Covid-19, numerous organizations from industries like Real Estate are putting pressure on the federal government as in person meetings will not always be safe.  

Currently Virginia, Nevada, Texas and Montana have all passed bills allowing notary public services to be performed online and from remote locations.  Ohio, Tennessee and other states are likely to follow suit before 2020 is over. But with the Covid-19 outbreak of 2020, many have made exceptions and we should see RONs (remote online notary services) gain in popularity more quickly.

If you’d like to take advantage of our online notary services, email us by clicking here or call us at (703) 934-2100 and we’ll help you notarize and ratify your deal no matter where you are in the USA.  

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