**New Service Announcement** Title Insurance for Dog Houses

Title Insurance for Dog Houses

To welcome the spring season this April 1st, ATG Title, the DMV’s leading title insurance, escrow, and closing company is proud to offer a new line of services for our furry friends: Dog house title searches and insurance!

Why are we offering this? Simply put, we went sniffing around and after pawing it over realized there is a begging need for it.  After the executive team tugged around the rope they all agreed it is time our furry friends get the same protections we have.

It all started with a dispute over a certain doggy domicile when the land survey “dug” up an old marking from a few summers before. Fluffy the Bullmastiff was casually relaxing in her new home when Cujo the Chihuahua suddenly laid claim to the house.  As you can imagine, it was a “ruff” situation!

When Fluffy first came to ATG for help, she appeared to be “crying wolf,” but after listening to her side of the story, we agreed that the situation was simply “for the dogs!”

Cujo went to court to mark his territory by demonstrating that his mark had clearly been there after winning a game of tug-the-rope against the poodle who previously possessed the property. Thus Cujo rightfully claimed ownership of the dog house title.

But Fluffy had a bone to pick with this claim as she proved her ancestors had buried a bone three generations prior, which due to a “paws” in processing, a clerical error happened as the county clerk saw a squirrel and forgot to label ownership to Fluffy’s family.

After a “dog day” in legal battles, “bones flew” and unfortunately Fluffy had to give up her new “digs” since the bone was not recovered.  Cujo certainly proved that “every dog has his day!”  It was a “dog-gone” shame Fluffy lost her puppy pad, however, some good did come of it as we were inspired to create our new line of “pawsome” services.

And as we like to say, our title search services are the “ulti-mutt” when it comes to sniffing out potential issues with your new canine casa!  There’s no “bones” about it, we are as thorough as they come since our title searches always include the following services:

  • Whose toys landed first?
  • Lost bone location and recovery
  • Active communication when you “collie” us for updates
  • The finest scent detection and location technology available
  • Squirrel interment investigation
  • Final tennis ball resting place determinations

Our furry friends do so much for us, protecting their homes is the “leash” we can do for them! Please feel free to contact us if we can help you with your pooch palace!

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!



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