Real Estate Agents Are Essential Heroes During Covid-19

Real Estate Agents Heroes
When we think of the heroes right now, they are visible people like Nurses and Doctors, the grocery store worker stocking shelves, the trash collectors, and the delivery person helping to keep restaurants afloat.  But there is one professional that is being overlooked.  Real Estate Agents.

Real Estate Agents provide essential services you probably aren’t thinking of right now.

Agents are essential because they are saving people’s lives and helping to prevent others from losing their homes as bills pile up.  Not to mention the 50,000 americans who need/needed to find housing solutions last minute as they repatriated during the outbreak.  Not sure what I’m referring too?

Here are six examples of how real estate agents are saving lives during Covid-19 by being the eyes and ears of their buyers and sellers.

  1. People Facing a Pre-existing Foreclosures

    Before the “stay home” and social distancing orders started, people were being foreclosed on.  The only way to avoid foreclosure and have a bit of money to continue with your life is through selling your house before it can be auctioned off.

    With an experienced agent, these people can move their homes and have one less thing to worry about during Covid-19.

  2. Escaping an Abusive Spouse

    Domestic abuse is a problem.  Being trapped at home with the abuser, especially if there are children involved, can be the final straw that gives the person enough courage to leave.

    By contacting a trustworthy real estate agent, the person who needs to escape can have the agent scout out apartment buildings and houses for sale or for rent by using their network privately.  Because the agent already has knowledge and a database, they can do this in secret so the abuser doesn’t find out.Now the person has a chance to escape, especially when they cannot safely look for a new place to live as the abuser is home with them and may catch them looking for a way out.

  3. If The Bread Winner Passes Away

    Whether it is from coronavirus or other causes, if the person that brought in the majority of the household income passes away, the spouse or family may no longer be able to afford their home.  If this happens to elderly people or someone who is “at risk”, attending open houses and shopping around for a deal is not an option.  This is where a real estate agent comes in.

    Real estate agents can and likely will take photos and video of the property.  The real estate agent will look for affordable options, and also use their skill sets to find the shopper a new home that they can afford.  Even better, that same agent can help sell the persons home and help them to get a fair or even better price than the seller would get on their own.

  4. Job Loss With Kids

    Jobs are being lost, but plenty of companies are also hiring.  If a person loses their job and is looking, or has already found a new job but it doesn’t pay as much, a real estate agent can help that person find a more affordable house or apartment in the same school district.

    Now the family does not have to leave the area they love living in and more important, their kids do not have to change new schools and make new friends.

  5. Covid-19 Potential Foreclosures

    Once the lockdown is over, bills are still piling up and not all banks or lenders are being flexible.  If it looks like someone is going into foreclosure, a licensed and talented agent will be able to spend time cutting deals now to sell their client’s home before it gets foreclosed on.  They’ll also be able to help their client find a new place to live.

    If it looks inevitable that you are going to lose your home, an agent can help protect you from losing everything and get to work now before foreclosure begins.

  6. The Elderly and At Risk People Who Cannot Shop In Person

    As we mentioned above, it is not wise right now for anyone to leave their home for unnecessary travel.  This is especially true for the elderly and people that are “at risk”.  Real Estate Agents are life savers for them.

    The agent can go to the new homes and live stream the property with a video walk through.  The agent can make sure all questions and answers are being asked, and the agent has access to title companies like ours that are doing eclosings so elderly and at risk people do not have to come in contact or engage with others which would endanger themselves.

Real Estate Agents are essential during pandemics and times of crisis.  If you haven’t thought of a real estate agent this way, then you are lucky enough to not be in these situations.  It is important to thank our doctors, nurses, EMTs, store clerks, waste collection specialists, and also to remember the other people out there risking themselves to help the communities around them.  That includes Real Estate Agents.

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